How to not get mad at work????

I think it’s not just the problem with the job… It must be how I face this job… Sigh… In WCCC2, we were saying let’s try forgive someone whom I should forgive. I think it’s almost impossible to smile in front of my boss (except for "bitter smile").
They’re trying to implement this new system, where everone has to have a weekly plan on wiki. I didn’t exactly oppose to the idea, I just thought another waste of time in doing this status updates… When we had our team meeting, I could tell so many people oppose to the idea… I think the main thing is, if you trust that I can deliver, do I need to tell you all the tasks that I’m working on now? Is it necessary to treat us like kids, telling exactly each of us what I’m doing next? Status meetings are already there… and it’s still not enough… It’s okay to use this as a means to increase the visibility, but I just hope they wouldn’t make up all the additional benefits….
Is boss vs employee always in an opposing position?
I don’t want to spend any more days working in this team………………………………………………

One thought on “How to not get mad at work????

  1. Maria says:

    I am sure the boss trust you. Maybe they would like to know the progress before status meeting. I think if the wiki is in place, the status meetings can be much shorter, which is good! =D

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