I am complete.

Several things came up during the Taize hour and the confession with Fr. Leung:

  • Look down upon myself = look down upon God. Acknowledge my gifts,
    make good use of them. God created me with a plan, along with the gifts
    that would facilitate His plan, not my plan. Never trash them even if
    they don’t seem useful in my eyes.
  • Temptations, regardless of their sources, are ways to refine
    ourselves. God allow them to exist, and God would like us to fight
    them. Sufficient grace will be granted to us to fight them.
  • I am as complete as I can be. I don’t need someone else to make me complete.
  • My focus should be to love  & serve people at all times. Being self-centred would only create more troubles in my mind.
  • See things with different perspectives. Everyone has his/her own challenges. People whom I envy have their own problems.

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