A bit of hope…

It’s been 2 weeks since I had the phone interview with Logitech… That
dev mgr told me he’d call me in a week’s time about the positions to be
opened, so I waited and waited… No calls

Was talking to Simon about our progress of job hunting… He said I
should call to follow up. Since I was so desperate (and being bugged by
so many ppl about so many tasks for the whole day ),
I called at around 4 after my 2nd meeting of the day… Left a
voicemail with the HR. Then at around 5, she called back… So it turns
out that they aren’t considering me for the position that I applied,
but they’d like to consider me for a position that will be opened:
usability developer (didn’t catch it exactly, but know it has to do
with UI and webapp) That lightened up my day…

I’m trying not to have high expectations, because if it doesn’t work out, then I’d be down down down again…

Oh yeah, I finally wrote the XML exam. So I got the 2nd cert finally… Should have spent USD$10 less…
But guess USD$30 for 2 certs is pretty good… Getting these certs
makes me feel better, I feel like I’ve retaliated by doing this…

After work, I went to see doc with mom because her eyes weren’t feeling
well. And I took the flu shot since I was there anyways already. And I
asked the doc had a look at my "unknown allergy" on my left cheek, he
said it’s just acne. So he prescribed some kind of face wash & gel
to me (which would cause me to "lug pay" to heal the acne…), it won’t
be effective till like 3 months later. When I went to the pharmacy, the
guy checked that 2 years ago (Oct 7, 2003 to be exact), I got
prescribed the exact same thing. No wonder that conversation (the way
how I described the acne to be "unknown allergy", and how the doc
replied about putting on the gel would cause me to "lug pay" sounds so
familiar… haha )

Then after dinner, went to meet with Vivien for S+L again… We’re
al—–most done with the b-rolls! (Almost jor for the last few
meetings already ) We
picked pics from Felix’s CDs, and John’s pics… We looked at John’s
online album for so long… His photo-a-day thing is just too nice! I
don’t know how he manages to take pics of SUCH A VARIETY of things for
each day?!?! It’s a pleasure to browse his gallery. And we’re trying to
get him to help us take pics of "footprint on the sand with Felix"
haha, so we have some b-rolls to use for Felix.

Went home. I thought I need to revisit the timecode for the pro-life
feature. But it ended up I don’t have the DVDs with me at all . Sigh… guess this is the most inefficient feature team of all (Guai meh! I’m the feature coordinator for this! )

Long day ar!! Got to sleep…


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