2 things…

My latest hobby is browsing job sites… Simon sent me a list of
companies which he got from his friends… I was very excited when I
started with the list, but then the jobs are either not in Toronto or
I’m not qualified… Sigh…

I was so bored at work (modifying the stupid depchecker to check for the installed packages on the systems!! ) And suddenly a stupid thought came to my mind, I thought of changing my MSN name to "工呀!公呀! "  
工being a job that I really want, 公being a guy… Haha, but I didn’t
change. I guess that’d scare ppl… I told Simon, he was laughing so

Oh yeah… At this time, seems like these are the 2 things that I
really want. I was telling Simon now that I even failed to achieve the
first part, not to mention about the 2nd part… So sad

I was so nosy… I found out I missed out a radio interview of hocc
where she talked about her relationships… So I bugged Francine and
got it in MSN… Listened to it just now. I found that my character is
really like her haha… And I seriously doubt if there have been guys
who didn’t dare to chase me… Because I’m so un-girly.

Today’s quote:


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