Joined the retreat meeting today. So glad that I joined
Francis was awesome in guiding us regarding how a retreat should be
run, what grounds the theme should cover etc… He’s really good at
getting you to think, things that you might have never thought
about/asked yourself before.

On how the retreat should run:
-each talk should be followed by time to respond
-it’s like breathing, inhale then exhale. The general idea of planning a retreat is to follow this breathing pattern
-free time isn’t necessarily bad, even if one chooses to sleep or walks outside, it can still be beneficial

On faith:
-analogy of planting flowers: sow the seed, let the plant grow, the plant ripes & bears fruits
-analogy of dating: relationship starts, the 2 ppl date and get to know one another, getting married
-do we believe in who or what?
-believing in "what" isn’t very reliable, theorem and laws can be disproved
-believing in "who" isn’t very reliable either, because humans are
limited (despite one’s effort to not hurt one’s loved ones, that can
still happen…)
-we believe not just because something is true, it’s because we’ve experienced and interacted with something, then we believe
-the process of believing in something involves both rational and
irrational elements, the most important step is irrational, the analogy
given is that you teach someone to swim on the ground, teaching him/her
all the movements etc, then you lead him/her by the coast, if he/she
doesn’t jump into the water, he/she’d never know how to swim. Jump into
water => irrational

On evangelization:
-St. Paul once said, "if I don’t spread all the good news that I know
of, I’d be in trouble". The important point is that we spread, whether
someone believes or not, that’s out of our control.
-we shouldn’t be trying to convince someone to believe, that’s the job
of the Holy Spirit, the best we can do is to convince someone that
he/she is convinced <= so high!

Another thing that makes me happy is that Jess gave me a VERY BIG hocc2 poster hehehehe…

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