Music = Memories

I was acting on impulse once again… I don’t know why I’d like to get
the hi-fi for my car. I became very excited today afternoon, and
checked out the future shop site for car audio… After work I just
went there and bought it

I haven’t downloaded songs for a long time… I was testing it with the
old MP3 cds… Listening to the old songs, the memories all came back.
All the songs that I listened to during my undergrad career, I could
still remember which term it was…

娘子,愛在西元時: songs that first made me attracted to Jay Chow… that was
3A… these songs made me remember 342… the stupid concurrent
programs drove me nuts, and the nasty producer/consumer nightmare

回到過去,半島鐵盒: no longer a Jay Chow fan, but still like these songs so
much. I listened a lot during 3B, the OS and 341 term…. that term was
crazy, but that was the most memorable and enjoyable (haha, in a
special way) term in my university life… the mornings after handing
in OS assignments, the sleepless nights in labs… I even remember this
Jay Chow album was given by Maria via a zip disk…

All the 陶喆songs were also from the same term. Almost forgot, that term was with my most *memorable* housemate… I got this album from Carrie, the pretty "landlady", she’s a huge 陶喆 fan…

我找到了: everytime I hear, it still touches me… I remember I kept
playing this song when it first came out. Guess I was already a
"hidden" hocc fan at that time… I hope this song will be filled with
happier memories the next time I hear it

未來: haha, finally a song that doesn’t tie to a particular time, coz I
listen to it all the time… still my all time favorite hocc song Like its simplicity, the lyrics are unbeatable… it gives you hope…


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