Watch over your best friend

Watched 妙手仁心tonight (that’s the highlight of every night recently )…
Kinda touched by the plot. Paul suffered from emotional problems,
Frances was the one who noticed it… When Henry finally knew Paul was
missing, he said to Frances: Paul is my best friend, I should be able
to notice his problems sooner, but I missed the chance. Luckily Paul
got over the struggle…

Not just our best friends, the people that we know we should care
about… *Knowing* that we should care for our family and friends is
not enough, we have to *do* it, we have to *show* our care.

This also reminds me of another friend. I saw signs long long time
ago, but didn’t know those were symptoms of problems… eventually it
got worse and worse…. I know it isn’t something that I can help a lot.
But if I cared sooner, that might have helped a bit.

What a lesson learned by watching TV….


One thought on “Watch over your best friend

  1. wanda says:

    so true!

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