Watched 星期二檔案tonight, it talks about several HK women who get nominated for 2005 Nobel Peace Prize…

There’s this group of women, who used to work in textile factories…
When they became unemployed, they founded some kind of 合作社. Their aim
is to help the community. They founded a shop that sells 2nd hand items
with very cheap prices (like HKD $10/$20 for a dress), as well as a
supermarket that sells cheap food (can also pay by discount coupons
obtained by craft-making). I think they’re just amazing~ They didn’t
receive much education. They aren’t well-off. But the first thing that
comes to their mind is to help the community, not just helping
themselves alone. And the kind of bonding and support shared among this
group of women is great… In the face of challenges (such as rising
rents), they rely on each other, they know they face those together as
a group, not alone… Another thing that I find touching is that, by
running these shops, they make friends with the residents in the
community, many of them are poor and aged…. They visit them, see how
they’re doing… The reporter was following her to the home of a 獨居長者,
that lady was showing him pictures of the furniture that would be
shipped. This guy suffered from heart disease and diabetes, and his
feet were all black due to his condition. After she left (but the TV
crew was still there), this men didn’t feel well so he called police
and was sent to the hospital… He passed away 4 days later due to
bacterial infection in his lungs. 世事無常…

And there is this other woman who has been fighting with the government
for 20+ years… to protect the culture and environment of 大澳- the
community in which she grew up. When the government ignored her request
of setting up a museum for the historical artifacts, she even rented
her own place to set one up herself. The work that she does isn’t
always welcomed by even her fellow habitants, but she never gives up.
When she was interviewed, she was so emotional that she cried… She
just knows that she needs to protect this place that she loves so much.

When we hear the word "peace", we often thought about stopping wars,
we’d think about political figures who oppose to wars. But these women
show us how peace can be achieved on the community level… They aren’t
doing really big things, but their contribution is HUGE. They are
loving. They care not just about their loved ones, but people in need
in their community as well. We don’t need to aim high. Let’s just do
what we can in the communities that we’re part of.


2 thoughts on “Peacemakers

  1. Maria says:

    that\’s the Tuesday Report we showed in last Thursday meeting! hahaha

  2. Rosa says:

    Haha… good that I watched it by accident =P

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