Guidance for career decisions

That’s what I asked for in recent prayers, especially during last night’s.

Today, that’s what I got.

Barnaby messaged me asking about what to write for his IDP’s "long term
career aspirations". So I copied and pasted mine as a sample. Then I
told him about getting certified for WAS only because I’d like to
change jobs. He then found out for me a link with info of how one
should go about asking his/her manager for an availability date.

Then the lady @ Logitech called back again, and scheduled the phone interview @ 5

Wandini sent me an e-card since I sounded pretty 愁 the last time I talked to her in MSN. The e-card says "Don’t give up".

When I was about to ding lunch, I saw Joanna again. It seems like every
time I needed to talk to her, I’d run into her, and she’s always on her
way out But she listened
to me anyways. Her suggestion is that if I have an offer and I’m ready
to leave, I have nothing to lose… Or, if I’m trying to ask for an
availability date, I should ask after year end since the budgeting
decisions are made at that point. It’s easier to decide moving people
around at that time.

As I finished talking with Joanna, I saw Vivian sitting by the window
then I just joined eating with her. We talked about job searching,
about her not taking the offer and stayed..about willing to accept
another more interesting job with less $$… about rock climbing.

Finally it was time for the interview. I think it went well. I guess I
like the job due to the fact that it’s a consumer product. And it seems
like I’d get to move around the different parts of the software. And
that the team size isn’t too big… I’m just a little afraid that I’d
have to touch with the installer again. But he did assure me that he is
not looking for an InstallShield developer… And I was thinking
afterwards, at least it won’t be AIX, Solaris, and Linux on zSeries.
It’d be mostly Windows and Mac I guess.

Thank you Lord. I know you’ve answered my prayers. When I needed guidance/info, I didn’t even ask and they just came to me~
I know You were there, through the different people, you spoke to me,
offering me suggestions. I pray that I won’t be acting on impulse, that
I will be making informed and thorough decisions, that I’d do as much
as possible to not leave as much a mess behind with my current team.
Lord, hear my prayer.


One thought on “Guidance for career decisions

  1. wanda says:

    Hope everything went well in your interview.And you now know what you want to do …or……on your way to knowing what you want….相信自己…;)

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