Thought of the day

During today’s wccc2 meeting, speaking of asking God for things that we
want, I again brought up the point Suzanne made during her post-GT
sharing. She said that when we entrust something to God, we should be
leaving it *totally* up to
Him. If we still expect Him to fulfill it by certain time in a certain
way, then we aren’t really entrusting it to Him. And today I realized
if we’re expecting God to give that something that we ask for by
certain time in certain ways, it’s like boss asking for a job done…
Being a Christian is basically about submitting oneself to God. He is
superior, but He is never like a boss. He is so much better than a
boss. And it makes no sense at all for us to expect Him to do something
in ways that we expect/prefer.

We’re hoping at times of trouble, God will take care of us. But we’re
not ready to entrust things to Him totally. If we truly wish God to
take care of something, we should keep our hands off. The only thing
that we should be doing is to keep asking humbly and faithfully.


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