Growing up…

I’ve been thinking about pretty negative things (though a bit better
than before…) these days. But I do think I’ve got some 領悟…

Realization #1
As I spend more days in this "University of Society", I realize all the
老人言is true. I once thought many things are easy to achieve, just that
some people aren’t "that capable". How wrong was I?! It’s really
amazing how people can just endure all the "hardships" in the
workplace. It’s not easy. There’s your boss, there’s your co-workers,
and there’s your customers… 打工真係唔容易.

Realization #2
I came to understand that realizing or finding an idea
great/touching is just the beginning. Having the faith to *LIVE OUT*
that realization is the real challenge. And only if you really strive
to live your life like that you can claim yourself a true believer. I
found myself so bak chi. There are things that I know it’s hard or I
heard from people in the past that it’s hard. And finally when it’s
time for me to face the same thing, it seems like I’ve forgotten about
what others have said… And eventually I find it’s hard and I’d want
to give up. But wait a second, isn’t that what others have told you
before? Is it because it’s hard and you’re ready to give up?! … So
here I am, I’m at a point where I realize there are things that are
hard. But I have no choice, I am going to see what I can do with it,
despite it’s hard….

Realization #3
In the past, due to my stupid pride (still proud, but working towards
being more humble), there are many people whom I look down upon, due to
various reasons. Now, being in similar situations, I finally come to
understand those people’s pains. Not getting what I originally wanted,
but I get another gift instead: understanding and compassion. And for
sure, I pray more these days for myself and for these people who share
the same pains as I do. I know where to turn to for the strength I

(No one would understand what I’m talking about here except probably
myself… And it’s alright. I’m probably the only reader of this.)


One thought on “Growing up…

  1. Maria says:

    haha… just to let u know that you are not the only reader of this~ hahaha =)there are ups and downs in life….. and we cannot understand everything unless we have been through it.. that\’s why experience is so important eh~I was reading some interview questions, and found "What\’s your concept of life?"I thought for a minute… and my answer was.. life is a gift from God.. and we should live it out fully in return… I dunno if that would be appropriate for an interview answer.. =P hahaha..

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