There was a question posted on the Dawn Patrol asking "Why would homosexuals want to join the church?", the question was cross-posted on, drawing lots of comments. Many commenters there said that one of the things that annoy them most when they argue with Christians (or the religious in general) is that, they can’t reason.
I think they are right. So the question comes to, is it that important to be able to explain everything before you "accept" a religion? The answer is obviously no. Or else why would we call it a religion?
Today’s gospel:
  Matthew 11:25-30


  1. 就在那時侯,耶穌發言說:「父啊! 天地的主宰! 我稱謝你,因為你將這些事瞞住了智慧和明達的人,而啟示給小孩子。
  2. 是的, 父啊! 你原來喜歡這樣。
  3. 我父將一切交給了我;除了父外,沒有人認識子;除了子和子所願意啟示的人外,也沒有人認識父。
  4. 凡勞苦和負重擔的,你們都到我跟前來,我要使你們安息。
  5. 你們背起我的軛,跟我學吧! 因為我是良善心謙的: 這樣你們必要找到你們靈魂的安息,
  6. 因為我的軛是柔和的,我的擔子是輕鬆的。」

It’s by God’s design that His truth gets revealed to the kids and those who are pure in heart. Those who are intelligent are the ones who don’t get it. Yes, God, this is great! You show us that without trusting You, without humbling ourselves, we would never know Your goodness, and receive the great reward.


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