Purification in terms of debugging

During Franics’ talk, he talked about how we sinned (i.e. the
step-by-step process of sinning) and there are 3 aspects that are
affected when we sin: flesh 肉體, will 意志, rationality 理性. One of the
best parts of his talk is that he 解構 the sinning process, without
examining it this way, we fall into the traps without really know how
we 衰左 once again…

A thought suddenly flashed across my mind. Purification can be viewed
as debugging (finding the cause of a defect (缺點,缺陷,不足之處), in the hope
of correcting it). And basically what we want is to set breakpoints.
Most of the time we sin because we don’t catch something is wrong, the
decision point basically vanishes… To avoid sinning, what we really
want to do is set more breakpoints in our daily lives, so that when the thread hits the suspicious moments (see,
we don’t know if it’s a sin yet, but it can possibly be a sin), the
thread is suspended, and we examine our actions in slow motion… If we
care to do that, I’m pretty sure we can catch how we fail and avoid it.
I like thinking in terms of analogy, that helps me remember better. And
thanks God for helping me use my training for purposes like this.


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