A few discoveries today

  • the smell of Neutrogena sun block: I don’t use it often, the last
    time I used it was during GaTung, and then today I used it for Life
    Chain, then when I was at the Eucharistic adoration, while praying, I
    smelled the sunblock, somehow the smell reminds me of the good things I
    did… haha… the smell is now associated with a sense of goodness of
    some sort argh, the power of conditioning
  • the first time I found Jesus really 英: during the talk, Francis
    was talking about what Jesus offers to us all the time, Jesus would
    say: "過去的忘記, 未來已在我掌握, 這刻你只需望著我"
    When I heard that, my mind pictured a hero… this is the first time
    ever I found it’s possible to take my love for Jesus as 愛情, because
    He’s so英
  • position vs. direction: the inspiration that I got last week is
    reinforced during today’s talk. Speaking of doing good/being a good
    Christian, there is never a notion of "sufficient". We’re constantly
    moving, following Jesus. If we claim we’re doing enough, we’re like the
  • giving
    up the non-necessities: when it comes to giving up something for God or
    entrusting ourselves to God, we often fear because of our lack of faith
    (like subconsciously, we might think if I let God does whatever He
    wants on me, what might I become? we’re afraid to lose the things that
    we’ve come to rely on). Today, I learned that if we offer the
    non-necessities for God, He’d take those and in turn put much greater
    tresaures in our hands. Our weaknesses, our burdens, our problems, if
    we’re willing to offer them to God, we could only get back something
    that is far greater.

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