I realized I am still not that firm with my faith from my recent
thinking… So I decided to go to the 2nd of 3 talks given at CMC. I
thought it’d be given by Fr. Ching, but it turned out to be Petrus. But
it’s still such a great talk. I’m so glad I went.

It was a talk about prayers. There are a few parts to it. Some notes
that I copied down (I decided to always bring my notebook along for
talks like these…)

Why do we need to pray?
It’s for acknowledging the fact that we need God

Reciting prayers vs. Praying

  • reciting prayer is to help us to meet God, once we’ve achieved
    that while reciting the prayers, it’s not necessary to finish reciting
    the prayers
  • reciting prayer is like opening our arms, hoping our father would lift us up

How to listen to God more clearly? (a few requirements)

  • God’s image in our mind: whether we think of Him as a judge, or a merciful father
  • longing for God 渴求 => this longing itself is something we need to ask for as well
  • do not limit the answers that God might give us (不要框死天主跟我們說話的方法)
  • quality time: if you tend to fall asleep while you pray, you should pick another time when you have more energy
  • quiet heart => to listen to God’s words

Elements of Prayers

  • Praising God
    • to prepare ourselves to listen to God’s words
    • we may already meet God by praising Him
  • Spiritual warfare
    • to stay focus and not to be disturbed by other temptations
  • Repent
    • to let us see God’s light more clearly (analogy being taking away the shade that’s blocking the sunlight from the window)
  • Forgive
    • it’s decision that we make (意志的決定)
    • giving up the right of being mad at somebody to God (將惱恨一個人的權利交給天主)
  • Surrender
    • giving everything up to God
  • Scripture reading
    • we desire transformation, not information
    • Lectio Divina is a good way
  • Intercession
  • Ask God questions
    • Petrus said God replies really fast to questions regarding His mystery (e.g. Why do You love me so much?)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Be patient and persistent
    • lack of patience = pride

Why we sometimes feel prayers are dull and dry?

  1. Lack of energy: like when we’re physically sick
  2. When we start skipping prayers, not keeping promises to God, being tempted by other stuff (such as surfing the web etc)
  3. God’s gift
    • being in a state where we find prayers dull and dry can also be a gift from God, it can be a form of purification
    • sometimes we focus too much on pursuing the nice experience we
      have, rather than God Himself, it’s a reminder that we should seek God,
      not the experience

It’s our gift to God when we pray to Him despite the fact that we might find prayers dull.

A Gauge of Spiritual Health

  • are we humble before God?
  • do we love God?
  • simple life
  • are we willing to carry our crosses?

On my way home after the talk, I seem to have the answer to the
question I asked last night. I figured that I don’t need to know what
my life is for, or what dream/wish I’m supposed to pursue. I only need
to know the direction to pursue. If I follow God, He will lead me to
where I should be. This reminds me of a past UI assignment, we were to
implement some classic "rectangular block" game. There is this block
that is supposed to constantly move across the screen towards one
direction until it hits the bottom. Stupid me, when I was first
thinking how to program it, I was thinking in terms of the position of
the block. And then after lying on the bed to think for quite a while, I
realize the position doesn’t matter, I just need to know the vector (i.e. the direction) of where the block should move… Yes, the direction alone is enough, I don’t need to know where it will be.


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  1. Jessica says:

    Hey! sis is suggesting "a project" that we can do.. maybe we can set a topic for the week, like this week on "prayer". Then each of us can write something on our own blog space. While at the same time, post them all in one central site. Right now, I\’m thinking that we can post it on as a "comment". Then we don\’t need to write our own webpage. What do you think? So maybe you can post this blog as a comment in tinfu, if you wanted to.  ^O^

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