Quarter Life Crisis

My mind has been filled with different things recently. Everyday I’m thinking about different things. One day I’m really faithful, the other day I feel so down.
And tonight, I started to wonder what do I expect with my life? I think I’m always waiting for something to happen. Something good to happen. Something that would make my life happier? And I think I know while I’m waiting all these years, life is life… This is how I live my life. While I’m waiting, time never stops… Maybe till the day I die, I’ll still be waiting, for whatever it is that I want to happen
I don’t know what I am thinking. I know I should be focusing on things that I already have. I should not keep looking at things that I don’t have.
One day someone told me not to work so hard, and get a life. I don’t know what "get a life" means. I don’t have a life? If what I have isn’t a life, what is it then?
I think I probably still haven’t found what God would like me to do with my life? I’ve been exposed to so many things that God might want me to do. And seems like I am still not settled with whatever I’m doing for God right now? I don’t know. I’m so lost tonight.
Give me an answer. I’d really want one.

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