What is the Yoke of Christ?

I was looking at the Photon song book, at the score for The Yoke of Christ. One of the reflection questions is:

軛是牛和馬等牲口拉東西時架在頸上的器具. 基督的軛是甚麼?

I thought for a while… And then I looked in the yahoo dictionary:


1. 軛,牛軛[C]

2. (同軛的)一對牲口
3. 軛形物;軛形扁擔;軛形吊鐘架[C]
4. (套在俘虜頸上的)枷;軛門[C]
5. 枷鎖;束縛;統治[the S][(+of)]
6. 紐帶;聯結[the S][(+of)]

7. (女)上衣抵肩;裙腰[C]
8. 橫舵柄;飛機操縱桿[C]
9. 【電】軛鐵;【電子】偏轉線圈[C]

1. 給…套上軛;用軛連結
2. 把(牲口)套到犁(車等)上

3. 連接,結合
4. 使成配偶[H]

1. 連接,結合;匹配[(+with)]
I think other then #7, 8, 9 under nouns, all definitions make a lot of sense in the context of The Yoke of Christ.

This yoke is something that you need to first put on yourself, before
you can carry any burden. If you don’t first establish this foundation
(I think it’s our faith in Christ), you won’t be able to carry any
burdens. All Christians who share the same foundation of trust in
Christ, are all related (like the oxen sharing the same yoke), we’re
brothers and sistsers, sharing each other’s burdens in a sense, through
the intercession of prayers.

As for 俘虜, there’s a very lo to saying "愛的俘虜 ", if’ I am to be 俘虜ed,
I’d rather be 俘虜ed by Christ. By accepting his gentle yoke, we are
entrusting everything to God, with His help, any burdens is okay,
everything will be alright. And yeah, I wish I can be 統治ed by Him. So I
won’t sin, I won’t be enslaved by my weaknesses…

Not only we’re related with the other Christian brothers and sisters
with the yoke… By putting on the yoke on ourselves, we’re tied with
Christ. We are one. Like the "10 room’s story"
Amy mentioned about, it’s about giving your entire house to Jesus,
we’re no longer the owner of the house, we just live there… Any
challenges/temptations/attacks to the house will be handled by Jesus,
no longer by us.

Lord, without you, any burdens (may not even be burdens at all!) seem
heavy. With you, any burden is light. Please help me take on your


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