The Mystery of Love

I came to this realization today all of a sudden… I need to write it down or else I’d forgot…
This is the 4th day of my eclipse course, find it so hard to listen to the presentation, so I was browsing the Dawn Patrol again. One of the discussions was about how Christians treasure sex so much and how it is saved till marriage. One of the comments is very inspiring… She described how having sex each time with her husband is a renewal to the marriage vows, and there’s this quote which suddenly "dim seng" me… She mentioned how it’s an act of being completely vulnerable to the other person, without any reservation…
This reminds me of several things:
  1. A while back, was chatting one night with a friend (oh well, you know who you are)… And I was saying, I open up so much to you, I’m ready to be hurt by you. And she said the same thing… This is this whole idea of vulnerability that keeps us so close.
  2. During ECCCLC 2005, Fr. Francis Ching mentioned about how Jesus chose to be present as a form of unleaven bread. He specifically mentioned about how vulnerable it is, it’s subject to abuse… but HE chose to present himself to us this way… This says a lot indeed. He loves us so much that he completely gives himself up, and is willing to be subject to such vulnerability before us.

This realization makes me understand… if we want to establish a real close/loving relationship with someone (person or God), we need to give ourselves up, we need to be vulnerable in front of this person/God. Only by doing so, we can experience the closeness in this relationship… In this secular world, so often times we’re trying to establish walls/safety net to protect ourselves. It’s precisely this mentality that prevents us from getting what we really want – true love.


Whoo~ I’m glad that I come to this realization. I believe it’s the work of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


One thought on “The Mystery of Love

  1. Maria says:

    this idea of vulnerability is indeed very inspiring.looking at the royal symbols throughout history, though i dunno many of them, but I think most of them would be representations of power and authority. which king in history doesn\’t like power? jesus is so humble to select a piece of vulnerable unleaven bread!as you said, we really should be vulnerable and completely give ourselves to God in return for this love!

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