My Will vs God’s Will

During the past few years, the ox horn that  I’ve been dealing with… stems from this: my will vs God’s will.
And I spent quite some time glancing through St. Paul’s letters in the New Testament tonight while looking for a bible quote, and I came across the following:
Galatians 5:16-18





Can’t be no more clearer than this. The idea that "the road to follow Christ isn’t easy to walk" is not new to me. But I’m so dumb… I wouldn’t interpret the meaning of that, I’d just remember the quote rather than understanding the idea. The road to follow Christ isn’t easy to walk… why is it not easy? It’s precisely because God’s will is often times against my will.


I was discussing with Maria today, about making choices. We’re often faced with choices, but the problem sometimes is, we aren’t even aware of the decision point. We automatically go for our will, as oppose to God’s will. (And we didn’t notice anything bad for our will…) And we don’t even have that classic scene with angel arguing with the devil. The devil has taken over… Why is that possible? It’s precisely because we aren’t guided by God. And that’s because we haven’t prayed enough, God still hasn’t become a central part of our lives.


One of the nice quotes from GT05 by Fr. Francis Ching: the world doesn’t revolve around your plans, the world revolves around God’s plans. And that is because our plans have flaws…


If we truly believe God knows what’s best for us, there shouldn’t be any question with obeying his will, we just have to have faith in Him – knowing He is going to lead us to the best.


Lord, please, help me have faith in You~ I can only find peace in Your presence.


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