6th GT – would it be my last?

Woo~ Another GT… It has become a habit of some sort. This year is not bad  Got to be a group leader… And it’s so nice to see Francis got back as a priest! I wish this confession that I had with him will make me stronger – to make me more resistant to temptations, and make me stand more firm on my faith.
This year I really feel the generation gap. Seeing Annabelle as the singing team leader, and remembering the 1st time I met her in 2001, she was still in high school, joining GT as "under-age" perhaps? Just feel soooo old… Maybe it’s time to move on.
It doesn’t matter how many GT I go to. What matters is that whatever that touched me in one particular camp, I’m able to let it continue to touch me – for the rest of my life.
The realization of the Sacrament of Reconciliation being such a great gift, is the main big thing I got out of GT this year. Fr. Tam mentioned how confession is not 1 person admitting sins in front of the priest, but rather, having the priest (also a sinner) to walk with you along the path of repentance… What a gift Jesus had given us!
Another thing that I got out of is the notion of "dating with Jesus". It actually makes a lot of sense. Knowing the facts is just the beginning. Without getting to know Him personally, we could never truly love Him. I do think all Christians would like to love Jesus, but somehow we just got stuck. We just didn’t know how to associate the fact (how He loved us to the point of dying for us on the cross) with the rational action (to LOVE Him with our hearts). And to get to know a person, there’s no other way than constantly having a conversation with him/her. I’d like Jesus to be my best friend~ This is a goal that I need to work towards…

5 thoughts on “6th GT – would it be my last?

  1. wanda says:

    age gap doesnt make a big difference boh. well it depends how u look at it. ~LOL

  2. wanda says:

    i personally dont think we can ever get to know Jesus…that well

  3. Rosa says:

    We wouldn\’t know what we can get unless we really try it =) If we wanna meet different friends in our life, wouldn\’t we as Christians wanna make Jesus a really good friend of ours?

  4. Maria says:

    I love that idea so much too.. I spend too little time with Jesus.When we date a person, we want to be with Him all the time, to do whatever.. Remember Fr. Chan from GT03? He said the same thing too! Ton Ton reminded me about this.. Fr. Chan said that why do we "pat tor"? We "pat tor" to waste time.. waste time willingly and joyfully.. It is like our relationship with Jesus. We should "waste time" with Him. We wouldn\’t know the person if we don\’t spend the time!

  5. Rosa says:

    Yeah, it actually does make a lot of sense… Now that you reminded me about Fr. Chan… yeah I remember that~ I need lots of prayers to keep up my faith level…

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