Business Trip

1st business trip ever!  I’d be happier if it takes place earlier and I had more than 1 day notice… but it was stupid to try to find someone in the airport whom you’ve never met before… and nice that I printed his itinerary by accident so I could locate him on the flight, what an exciting way to meet someone!
I managed to finish Tuedays with Morrie in the 5-hr flight. It’s a good book, okay touching, I shed a tears or 2… but I think I like The Five People You Meet in Heaven more…
Some things I learned from Morrie:
  • Think about what you do. Don’t do something because it’s regarded as a right thing to do according to the culture…
  • Experience each emotion fully, recognize what it feels like. So we know how to detach from it (if it’s a bad emotion) if we encounter the same thing in the future
  • Be hopeful and optimisstic (how he can see being completely dependent on someone as being a child all over again…)
  • Tell people whom you treasure that you love them
  • Marriage is something you don’t wanna miss (as if it’s something that I have control over )
  • Pay full attention to people when they tell their stories

Good that I brought 2 books along with me… So I have something to do on the return flight…


3 thoughts on “Business Trip

  1. Maria says:

    let\’s share books~ =)i start to like reading now… i dunno why but i have no interest in romance novels anymore.. i wanna read novels that let me think~ hahaha.. that may be a sign of getting old

  2. Ami says:

    have no interest in romance novels anymore? I guess becoz u have a lot of romances in real life… haha… =P

  3. Rosa says:

    aww…. too much romance in real life… share some with me… =P I\’m soooooooooo desperate

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