Everyone has an agenda…

I went to hear about Steve Mosher‘s talk China’s one-child policy. It’s a really good talk… He keeps your interest, you don’t feel bored at all… I was like, yeah yeah yeah… Then during the break, those who sit around me start wondering… "Hey, he just visited one village, how could he say something THAT representative of the entire China?", and they mentioned how they’ve seen friends our age from China with 2 siblings etc (According to Steve Mosher, the one-child policy started in 1979). Then I was like, oh yeah, I think I’ve seen mainland china people with 2 siblings  as well… It’s not until they mentioned it, my "independent thinking" mode was completely off… After the break came the Q&A session, wihle answering the questions, he covered some of their concerns. I still think he is credible… What makes me (a bit) concerned is that, I seem to believe in things (aka convinced? brainwashed?) by others so easily?? Especially when it comes to *a standpoint that I already identify with, i.e. pro-life, Catholic etc*, then I tend to buy in very easily, without critical analysis. That seems like a bit of a problem… Although I’m very positive that this standpoint that I identify with, is right/moral/ethical for sure.
Another thing that makes me questions about my ability to critical thinking is from reading the Dawn Patrol today. She wrote about someone who posted in her live journal about her experience with Planned Parenthood. The first time I read it, I thought, "oh yeah, they’re bad… how could they keep rescheduling an appointment that is critical to a patient?". Then as I read through the not-so-friendly comments, people criticized Dawn about "basing on a few lines from a blog profile to judge someone", "using a blog entry to prove the PP is bad agenda", "if there is no PP, many people couldn’t have afforded medical tests" etc… Then I started to think, yeah, those are not pointless either, and seems like Dawn didn’t handle it very well… Again, without other people start questioning, I’d have bought in completely again…
So… I guess in order to force myself to practice critical thinking, from now on I need to think: everyone has an agenda…

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