Shopping with our conscience

Maria brought my attention to the TVB special "六十年忘不了", finally saw an episode on Fairchild tonight… The reporters compare Japan with Germany, both being defeated in WWII. Germany suffered in guilt, and tried so hard to cope with their mistakes in the past. That forest of "monuments" (碑林) is the best evidence. The government spent money on it, trying to make the younger generation to be aware of what happened in German history. They don’t avoid it, in fact, with the older generation dying, the government would like to educate the young ones to make sure they don’t commit the same mistake again. Then as the camera shifts, we see how Japan deals with the history… They have museums that show the history, and they explained why they needed to invade other countries, reason being the resources were almost used up, and China has an abundant sources of these~ Oh yeah, so let’s exploit that (開發). Sooo, they justify what they’ve done. The mushroom cloud on top of Hiroshima wasn’t a wake-up call. They were just forced to surrender.
At this age, we’re all so used to Japanese products. It’s almost a synonym of quality. I admit that if I see the "Made in Japan" label, I feel more confident towards the product… It’s pretty hypocritical to say let’s boycott all Japanese products. Look at our lives. I drive Civic, which I think is pretty reliable/maintence-free almost… The TV at my home is Toshiba, rice-cooker/electrical boiler is National, the LCD monitor in front of me is NEC, the digital camera sitting on my desk is Canon… I think we can still justify the purchase of Japanese products because of its quality, but let us be more conscious from now on… (Also a reminder from Maria )  Whether the companies we support are doing ethical stuff… This applies not only to Japanese firms, but many others as well… The ones off the top of my head is Nike (shame on me… I often forget when I see sth nice), Wal-mart, Mitsubishi.. (these are for labour practice and business ethics)… There is another huge list of firms that are associated with pro-abortion actions
Looking at all these brand names, it’s really hard to avoid all (actually not even half) of them… Let’s try our best.

2 thoughts on “Shopping with our conscience

  1. wanda says:

    wah ho difficult to avoid buying things from such companies….

  2. Rosa says:

    Yeah I know… it\’s almost impossible >_< let\’s try our best!

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