Messages that I absorbed today…

Woo~ Received many messages today… gotta write these all down!!
Today’s gospel is about how Peter asked Jesus to let him walk on the water. Fr. Leung’s homily is inspiring:
1. We do things that we shouldn’t be able to do… It’s because God is supporting us and we don’t even know it consciously.
  • Peter didn’t think twice when he first asked Jesus to let him walk. After asking, he just went ahead to walk on the water. It went fine until he got overwhelmed by the waves. When he started panicking, he called for Jesus’ help.
  • We are like Peter. Sometimes we do walk on water, and we don’t even know we’re doing that! Without Jesus’ help, we could never do it.
  • Fr. Leung used himself as an example to illustrate how it wouldn’t be possible to become a priest. When he was small, like 3 years before he decided to become a priest, he just started going to the earliest mass daily before he went to school. He did that everyday,風雨不改. When he looked back, he realized that didn’t really suit his personality. He was doing it and he didn’t know why he was doing it.
  • Much later, (I forgot whether he was about to be a priest or he was already a priest), he was studying theology in Rome. He studied hard for the exam but there was just too much to study. When it’s time for the exam, the examiner could pick a question or he could pick a question. He didn’t know how to answer the one picked by the examiner. Then he picked another one, he didn’t know either. He didn’t think he could pass so he just asked if he could re-take the exam. And the examiner just let him pass! <- This is obviously God helping him in the end. He was called. And God made sure he could become a priest.

2. Need to be aware of when we’re in trouble… If we’re, we shouldn’t hesitate to yell out to God for help

  • Peter was afraid when he saw the big waves and started to sink. He yelled out for Jesus’ help and Jesus gave him a lift.
  • Fr. Leung put it in a pretty humourous way. He said the Peter that he came to know, seems like 成日向耶穌嗌救命. He is pretty sure that time when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples, he must be the one who went to wake Jesus up or the one who yelled the loudest
  • We’ve been taught to be independent, to solve problems ourselves… We’re so used to it. God actually would like us to seek for help… What’s even worse is that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in bad shape… And we think we’re just fine. We need to constantly reflect. If we’re stuck or troubled, we shouldn’t hesitate. Just yell out to God for help!

I was so excited all day after that chat with Amy last night. When I went to meet with Viv/Ada/Maria for S+L script, I was telling them how this friend of mine find her way to God. They find her story interesting and decided we should ask her to be one of the interviewees 


Since we’re so stuck with the current script that has so many "holes"… We decided to have a deeper conversations with the interviewees. So… another drink at the Destiny Garden within 24 hrs


The most interesting parts of the conversation with Felix and Amy…

  • Felix’s analogy of our hearts having a hole, a bottomless abyss… Since it’s bottomless, no matter what we put in there to fill the hole, shopping/eating/愛情/partying wouldn’t be able fill the hole. We could only fill the hole with something that is infinite => faith! Good good analogy
  • Amy was showing me that quote from 紙牌的秘密, but I missed out the explanation part… Finally un today!  一隻蚯蚓用牠自己的腦袋是不會明白牠自己的思想邏輯的﹐要人才能明白蚯蚓的腦袋…因此人自己單憑自己是不能明白本身的生存意義﹐只有透過更高層次的being(I don’t even know how to find a proper word in Chinese to describe sth that is "higher" than me!)才能找到答案。I now think I’ve heard sth similar a long time ago… It’s good to be remnded!
  • Amy’s argument about the same-sex "marriage" is also very good! What a debate人才

(seems like I start to love bloggin’, or maybe I get inspired so often these days… hohohohoho)


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