Amy has become my idol

I’m so glad that I called Amy out to drink tonight!!!  This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.
I’m amazed by her 領悟 from the short time she has been exposed to the Catholic faith. And for sure, she is blessed by God’s grace. I kinda felt ashamed about myself too… Being a born Catholic, I’m not as enlightened as she is. One of the possible reasons being, as I’ve heard the parables since I was small, knowing the "storyline" so well… but really didn’t rethink the meaning of each of them. And I’ve wasted so much of my time on mo liu stuff… Really have to work harder from now on…
We discussed so much tonight… from books, to social issues (the sadness to see how the secular world is like), to relationship with siblings, to how she got to know about the Christian faith… Great discussions!!!
I’d miss her for sure when she goes back to HK  Really gotta ask her out more while she’s still in TO… And I won’t have anyone to watch movie with when she goes back
God is indeed amazing~ Thanks for touching my life with putting nice ppl around me!!!!!

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