Life Site News…My mom

It seems that most of the time I browse lifesite, I’d get angry. There are just too many news that make me depressed. Just read from today’s news
that a Red Cross employee gets fired because of an email sent to the
organization’s management… about how he doesn’t feel comfortable with
celebrating GLBT pride month… I’d think his suggestion of having a
month to celebrate Christianity would truly makes the organization
"diversified". Double standard… against Christians… once again…

Another story on today’s news makes me feel better though. About the encounter that Susan Torres’ husband and parents had

We truly need stories like these to remind us to not give up… fight the good fight! Till the end…

I don’t read bible often… I’m making some effort to remind myself every night before I sleep, I’ll go to to read gospel for the day… Last night, I came across Matthew 16:13-23:



伯多祿便拉耶穌到一邊,諫責他說:「主,千萬不可! 這事絕不會臨到你身上!」
耶穌轉身對伯多祿說:「撒殫,退到我後面去! 你是我的絆腳石,因為你所體會的不是天主的事,而是人的事。 」

bolded part really hit me… It’s assuring to be reminded that the
devil will never win. We just have to keep fighting… Lord, I need

Tonight, my mom asked me to go to the mass for
the Sacred Heart. Reason being a blessing is offered for healing after
mass. I have never been to a healing mass. This is the first time when
I’ve been in this kind of occasion. There are many people in line… A
number of seniors, some with the canes, accompanied by family members,
go to the front to be blessed by Fr. Leung.

After being
blessed, my mom described to me how she felt. She said right after Fr.
Leung made the sign of the cross at her forehead, she felt a source of
heat travelling throughout her body. Then she started to feel kinda
shaky, she didn’t know if she was going to fall or not…. She didn’t
fall at last. She said the heat was there until Fr. Leung is done
saying prayers, and drew another sign of the cross on her forehead.

I have to say I’m surprised and proud of my mom. I wish her healthy and
never be bothered by health problems (real or imaginary) ever again…


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