The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Haven’t read any novels for a while… Happened to see this one on the bestsellers rack while walking in the UW bookstore… The synopsis of the story sounds attractive to me. And that’s why I got the book.

The story is really inspiring. The author’s notion of heaven is pretty fresh to me. When we think of heaven, we just think of a state of peace and serenity. We don’t really have a specific idea of how it’s like… Having people explain your life to you does sound like a very good idea… I’m sure there are so many of us who don’t understand why certain things happened in our lives… Heaven is a good place for us to get those answers.

The part that touches me most (made me cry so much) is when Eddie meets his wife. The love between them is incredible. I could really imagine what it’s like to be a widow/widower. During the 33 years that he lives after his wife’s death, it really seems like his life has no meaning… He doesn’t even bother to celebrate his birthday. The author brought up that point about "Life ends. Love doesn’t", because we’d still be in love with a person even if he/she is gone, we’d still be in love with the memories… This is so true.

Another part that made me wow was towards the end… It’s surprising to find out the girl’s hands that he felt was the Filipino girl who brought him to heaven… I like the idea that even though Eddie indirectly caused the death of that girl, he somehow gave up his life for saving another girl… There are mistakes that we commit in our lives, directly or indirectly… We might be troubled by that. This part of the story makes me wonder God might give us opportunities to redeem our mistakes. We might not have to actively look for these opporutnities, somehow it’s all planned by God…

Not sure who will be my 5 ppl… not even sure if there will be 5 ppl 😛


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